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What Apple One Banawa heights is for

Apple One Banawa Heights is for:

Start-up couples, earning a combined income of a minimum of P50,000.
● Single, Single parents or entrepreneurs who can pay P15,000 monthly amortization.
● OFW’s not over 65 yrs. old
● Renters who are paying monthly rental of P15,000 and up.
● Young professionals who have a gross income of P35,000 and up.
● Pag-ibig members
Buyers who want a “homey” feel and not the feeling of living in a building.
Target Market
● Buyers who would rather invest their money on real estate-in a village or guarded subdivision.
● Start-up couples or end-users who can afford to purchase a unit but are very particular with the accessibility of the location and value-for-money.
● Buyers who have discriminating tastes, have a strong sense of sophistication, “in”, practical but picky.
● Buyers who feel that their home address defines them and whose residences is a status symbol and an extension of who they are.
● Buyers who are captivated by greens, open spaces and amenities that will cater to their active and passive lifestyles.
● Buyers who give value to living in a peaceful environment, but within the city.

Price Range



Sample Computations


Down Payment Schedule


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the requirements for reservation?
 Buyers Info Sheet (BIS)
 2 Valid IDs
 Signed Computation Sheet
 Reservation Agreement
 Paystub for the last 3 months, applicable only for Pag-ibig Financing NOTE: Buyers are only given 30 days for the completion of requirements. Otherwise, reservation fee will be forfeited.

2. What are the payment options ?
 Deferred Payment- 24 mos. at 0% interest
 Bank Financing- BDO and BPI
 PAG-IBIG Financing

3. Where are the parking units located?
All parking areas are located at the basement of each building. There are also Towers with second floor podium parking.

4. How many parking units can I buy?
Each Buyer can purchase up to two (2) parking units.

5. How much is the Association Dues?
To be determined and to be announced later.

6. Can we have adjoining units?
Yes, all units are modularly designed.

7. Can a foreigner buy a unit?
Yes, all foreigners can buy a condo unit of not more than 1,000 Sqm. All titles are Condominium Certificate of Title (CCT).

8. How big is the road inside the subdivision?
10-meters wide road network.
9. When is the turn over of the unit?
The Towers- turn over will be on the 25th month (upon full payment of DP) The Villas- turn over will be on the 37th month (upon full payment of DP) Mansionette - turn over will be on the 49th month (upon full payment of DP)

10. What would be the First Batch of units to be sold?
• The Tower (6 Private Cluster) 12-Storey
• The Villas - ( 3 & 2 Private Cluster) 4-Storey
• Mansionette – (2 Buildings) 3-Storey