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1.)  What is Kishanta?
Kishanta is a residential neighborhood of Aboitizland designed to create an environment where life force can be made abundant, thereby enhancing one’s sense of well-being, peace and happiness.

2.)  How big is the development?
Kishanta Main: Total area of the development is 15 hectares with a total of 384 lots and 100 House and Lots (Kishanta Zen Residences enclave).
Kishanta on Higher Grounds: Total area of the development is 12.9 hectares with a total of 249 lots.

3.)  Where is it located?
It is located on the hills of Talisay City.

4.)  Is there a view?
There is a coastal and mountain view.

5.)  What are the lot sizes?
Kishanta Main: The average lot size is 250 square meters.
Kishanta on Higher Grounds: The average lot size is 283 square meters.

6.)  What is the design concept of the development?
A fusion of the essence of Zen and values of tropical design. The concept was designed to create an environment for a holistic approach of life in a tropical setting. There is thoughtful use of light and space, breezes that calm, clean and simple lines, lush greenery and inspiring views, which contribute to overall wellness of a person and the community.

7.)  How much does it cost per square meter?
Currently, the lot is selling at P8,200 plus per square meter.

8.)  How long will it take me to reach the site?
It is only 35 minutes away from Cebu Business District thru SRP.

9.)  How far is the project from shopping malls or airport?
12 kms from the city.

10.)  What’s the landmark on the way to the site?
Pass under the Tabunok flyover that is heading to Lagtang Barangay Hall. It is 1.3 km from the flyover crossing.

11.)  Can this be accessed through a public transportation?
A few meters from the entrance are tricycles transporting passengers to and from the flyover crossing.


Reservation Fee: P15,000 per lot good for 30 days deductible to the down payment


1) Spot Cash: 5% discount if paid within 7 days from date of reservation or 3% discount if 15 days

2) 20% Down Payment: with 5% discount if spot  down payment within 7 days from date of reservation or 3% if 15 days

     or Payable in 10 months no interest

     80% Balance payable through in-house financing at the following options:

  •      5 years to pay at 14% interest
  •      7 years to pay at 16% interest
  •     10 years to pay at 18% interest



Open a door to Kishanta - Remember the day when the opportunity for a better life came knocking upon your door? Now. A chance to come back home opens up to you again. Kishanta offers residential lots averaging 250 square meters. 
  Getaway to a Haven - Kishanta is located on the hills of Lagtang Talisay City. It provides a relaxing view of the Cebu coast while being only 35 minutes away from the central business district.
Zen Living in Cebu - Years of hardwork can take its toll on you. Physically and emotionally, Kishanta brings you a home of peace and harmony that can rejuvenate the soul.
  Enjoy your stay for keeps - Kishanta has facilities that foster not only well-being but family relationships as well. The zen-inspired clubhouse has a special area reserved for TAI CHI classes and SPA. A multi-purpose play court for adults and playground for the kids.
  Achieve peace of mind - Because Kishanta is backed by ABOITIZLAND, a trusted company with a good track record of communities built, you can be sure that your hard-earned money is invested in good hands.

For the last ten years, Aboitiz Land has strengthened its presence in Northern Cebu where all 8 of its projects are located. AboitizLand President and COO Andoni Aboitiz explained. The vision for Kishanta is a concept that is the first of its kind. We have long acknowledged the fact that Cebuanos, and even those from the rest of Visayas and Mindanao, work very hard, sometimes even away from home, to provide a better life for the family. Inspired by these dreams, we wanted to create an ambiance that is soothing relaxing and refreshing. This explains why we chose a highland location and why we designed the amenities that you will see in Kishanta.

Kishanta is a community of many firsts; the first project to showcase the fusion of the essence of Zen and values of tropical design atop the hills of Talisay City. Kishanta's amenities include the Zen-inspired Clubhouse, infinity pool, picnic area, herb garden, fitness trail, tree park, Zen garden, & meditation area; all designed to promote the family's sense of well-being. According to Mr. Aboitiz, the company chose the South for this project because of the local government unit's top attention to the infrastructure development in the area which is a very important value driver in real estate development. Talisay City is the preferred site for the project because of its distinct character and a very good sense of place, making it an ideal location for this unique concept. For many people, security comes from the knowledge that their investment will grow in value because it is backed by a commitment of a trusted developer. As we have stated in our core values, we believe that buying a home represents the single biggest investment decision in the lives of our Customers, and we take that responsibility seriously, Mr. Aboitiz stressed.