THE PERSIMMON features a new concept in Cebu City Condo so designed for unit owners to enjoy a vast space of land with gardens and swimming pool on the ground level plus the the integration of residential and commercial spaces lets you work, find recreation and enjoy entertainment just a few minutes away from where you live.

Shop just around the commercial block. Enjoy the bustling nightlife right down the street. Find a sanctuary without leaving the village block. This is the urban village lifestyle and The Persimmon is the first to bring it to Cebu. Free yourself from the hassles of traffic and commute.

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   Where everything is walking distance



Commercial Features

  • Food Building
  • Groceries Building
  • Entertainment Building
  • Dining Building
  • Health and Wellness Building
  • Services Building

Residential Amenities

  • Adult and kiddie pool
  • Clubhouse
  • Function rooms
  • Game room
  • Covered multi-purpose court: basketball / badminton
  • Children's playground



  Studio Type 1 bedroom 2 bedrooms loft units
23 - 32 sqm.
38 - 66 sqm
57 - 68 sqm
43 - 141 sqm
5 - 10th floors
5 - 14th floors
11 - 14th floors
15th floor
Distribution (units)
61 units
62 units
18 units
16 units
Distribution (%)


  • Garden units (studio and 1 bedroom ) on the 5th floor
  • Car parking is P752,640 per slot
  • Motor parking 4sqm  Price: P82,504
  • Storage rooms available from 4 sqm Price: P82,504 up to 10 sqm Price: P229,555


  • Central Location. Accessibility to malls, church, school, public transportation, accessibility to commercial area right beside
  • View - ocean, city and mountain views
  • Upscale development priced for middle class
  • Themed development - Asian Contemporary
  • Homey Ambience
  • "Vertical Village" feel/neighborhood appeal
  • landscaped open space
  • Income generating investment (sublease/rent)
  • Investment value growth / trusted developer



Residential Enclave

  • 4 towers - West, East, North, South
  • Phased development by tower
  • Flat and loft options: 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, lot units (1, 2, 3 bedroom units)

Themed Commercial Neighborhood

  • Food (restaurants, cafe's, ...)
  • Entertainment (resto bars, family ktv...)
  • Services (laundry, repair... )
  • Health & Beauty ( spa, salons...)
  • Grocery
  • Acitivity area
  • Sales Office and Condo model units


THE PERSIMMON WEST - Residential Enclave

  • 157 units
  • Ground Floor, lobby plus 3 units
  • Podium 2nd and 4th parking
  • 5th Floor - garden units
  • 6th - 10th floor - sutdio / 1 bedroom
  • 11th - 14th floor : 1 - 2 bedrooms
  • 15th floor - loft units
  • Rooftop - laundry cages      
    The units that offer great view of the sea here are the J  K  L  M  units.

    Union Bank is the accredited bank of the developer of The Persimmon and offers 9% interest per annum.

     With regards to building management, the developer plans to organize a management team for the purpose of assisting the unit owners to earn through rentals of their units for ease and convenience of the unit owners especially in finding tenants as well as the administrative processes contracts and paper works. They plan to organize this within this year though are no detailed plans for now.

     With regards to the car parking space, it is available at a separate price of P752,640 per slot including VAT plus transfer charges of P27,933.00  Reservation for car park is P10,000 and same payment plan for the condo units (20% payable in 12 months no interest, and balance of 80% through bank financing for long term payment) 

Gallery (Click the thumbnail to enlarge)

The Persimmon Commercial
The Persimmon Commercial along the road
The Persimmon Entrance
The Persimmon West Tower (Tower 1)
The Persimmon North Tower - On Going Construction
The Persimmon Swimming Pool


NorthTower - 1Bedroom unit 41.56 sqm

Listing #:   565

Price:   4,076,969.00  

Floor Area:   47  

Date Added:   12/22/2008

Page Views:   18798


North Tower lowest price  1-bedroom unit


Floor Plans (Click the thumbnail to enlarge)

One-Bedroom Unit Floor Plan
Gallery Photos (Click to enlarge)

The Persimmon 1BR Living area
The Persimmon 1BR Living area & Dining area
The Persimmon 1BR Cabinet
The Persimmon 1BR Toilet & Bath
The Persimmon 1BR Toilet & bath pic 2
The Persimmon 1BR Bedroom

North Tower - 2Bedroom unit 64 sqm

Listing #:   567

Price:   5,418,771.00  

Floor Area:   64  

Date Added:   12/22/2008

Page Views:   19257


The Persimmon North Tower - 2Bedroom unit 64 sqm floor area,

Floor Plans (Click the thumbnail to enlarge)

North Tower 2BR Floor Plan
Gallery Photos (Click to enlarge)

North Tower 2Bedroom Unit - Room1
North Tower 2Bedroom Unit - Room2
North Tower 2Bedroom Unit - Toilet & Bath
The Persimmon 2BR Living area
The Persimmon 2BR Living area pic 2
The Persimmon 2BR - Master's bedroom
The Persimmon 2BR - Room 2
The Persimmon 2BR - Kitchen pic 2
The Persimmon 2BR - Kitchen

North Tower - 3Bedroom unit with Loft

Listing #:   568

Price:   8,867,418.00  

Floor Area:   101  

Date Added:   12/22/2008

Page Views:   4750


The Persimmon North Tower - 3Bedroom unit with Loft, 

Plus transfer charges of P286,903.00


Floor Plans (Click the thumbnail to enlarge)

North Tower 3Bedroom Unit - with Loft Floor Plan

The Persimmon Payment Options & Financing Scheme


Reservation Fee: P25,000.00

Option 1) Spot Cash with 5% Discount if paid within 7 days from reservation date or 3% within 7 days

Option 2) Total Contract Price payable in 12 months zero interest

Option 3) 30% Down payment  with 5% discount in 7 days or 3% in 15 days.  70% balance through in-house financing or bank financing


Reservation Fee: P25,000.00

Option 1) Spot Cash with 5% Discount if paid within 7 days from reservation date or 3% within 7 days

Option 2) Total Contract Price payable in 12 months zero interest

Option 3) 30% Down payment with 5% discount if paid within 7 days or 3% if paid within 15 days , 70% balance through in-house financing or bank financing

Miscellaneous charges estimated at 2.9% of the total contract price. Exact amount shall be provided upon quoation of a specific unit.

Frequently Asked Questions


Project Details/General FAQ



  1. What is The Persimmon?
    • - The Persimmon is a centrally located urban village with residential and commercial spaces integrated into one.
  2. What is an urban village?
    • An urban village is an urban planning concept where it aims to create an environment which:
    • - People can live, work and play in the same area
    • - Is self sustainable
    • - Is environmentally friendly (lush, green, landscaped)
    • - Encourage community development and bonding (vertical village feel)
  3. What is the design concept of the development?
    • Asian contemporary
  4. What does the word “Persimmon” mean?
    • Persimmon is named after it's cousin - the Mabolo fruit. Mabolo is also the district’s old name.
  5. What does the Persimmon logo stand for?
    • - Four leaves represents the four towers
    • - The orange and the red colors are the same color with the local variety of the Persimmon – Mabolo fruit
    • - Growing tree with various colors of leaves symbolizes fruition and fullness of life
    • - The word “AboitizLand urban village” showcases the residential enclave and the themed commercial neighborhood located all in one place
  6. What The Persimmon is not?
    • - It is not a condotel.
  7. How big is the development?
    • - Total area of the development is 1.4 hectares. Residential area occupying 8,867 sq m and the commercial area 5,188 sq m.
  8. Where is it located?
    • - It is located along MJ Cuenco Avenue in Mabolo.
  9. How far is the development from shopping malls, air and sea port?
    • - It is 3-5 minutes away from SM and Ayala, 10 minutes from Cebu Port and 20 minutes from Mactan International Airport.
  10. How far is the development from hospitals and schools?
    • - It is 10-15 minutes away from Perpetual Succour Hospital Cebu Doctors College, Center for International Education (CIE), Colegio dela Inmaculada Concepcion (CIC), University of San Carlos
  11. What’s the landmark on the way to the site?
    • - Coming from the North, it is about 200 meters from the Mabolo Church. Coming from the South, it is about 200 meters from the crossing of MJ Cuenco Ave and Gen. Maxilom Ave. The site of the development is where the old COACO (Cebu Oxygen and Acetylene Company Inc) used to be.
  12. Can this be accessed through a public transportation?
    • - Public transportation is accessible right in front of the commercial area which is around 15 meters walk from the residential towers.
  13. How many residential towers will be constructed?
    • - There will be 4 towers to be constructed: West, North, East and South Towers.
  14. When will construction of the West Tower start?
    • - July 2008.
  15. When is the target completion for West Tower?
    • - 26 months after start of construction – Sept 2010
  16. What is the timetable for the rest of the towers?
    • - Launching of North Tower will be by 2009.
  17. What are the amenities?
    • - Kiddie pool
    • - Adult lap pool
    • - Clubhouse
    • - Function room
    • - Game room
    • - Covered multi purpose court: badminton and basketball
    • - Children’s playground
    • - Landscape open spaces
    • - Commercial area fronting the Residential Enclave
  18. Will all these be constructed together with West Tower?
    • - No, only the swimming pool and the function room within the tower will be constructed together with the West tower.

 Building Features

  1. How many floors are there for West Tower?
    • - There are 15 floors plus a roof deck where the laundry cages are located.
  2. Are there balcony units?
    • - Yes. There are 88 units with balcony out of the 157 total units.
  3. What is the average ceiling height (vertical clearance) of each unit?
    • Hallways : 2.30 M
    • Kitchen : 2.50 M
    • T & B : 2.30 M
    • Living, Dining & Bedrooms : 2.75 M
  4. What is a studio unit?
    • - It is a self-contained single unit which combines living and bedroom, and sometimes has a kitchen.
  5. What is a loft unit?
    • - A loft unit is a one open room having the bedroom in the attic while the kitchen and living room comprises the first floor.
  6. What is a garden unit?
    • - These units are classified into two, the units in the ground floor have garden VIEW while the units in the 5th floor have SPACES that can be developed as a garden.
  7. Is there a view?
    • - There is a sea view on the east side; a mountain view on the west side and a 360 degrees of the cityscape.
  8. How many elevators / lifts inside a tower?
    • - There are two elevators per tower.
  9. Is the building compliant to the accessibility law?
    • - Yes, two elevators are provided and hallways are wide enough for convenient circulation.
  10. What are the fire/safety provisions?
    • - There is a standard fire alarm and smoke detector system and a fully automated fire sprinkler system.
  11. Where are the fire escapes located?
    • - Fire exit stairs are strategically located in every floor.
  12. What is the development’s water source?
    • - There is an overhead and underground water tank supply. The Persimmon is near the main distribution waterline of MCWD along MJ Cuenco.
  13. In case of brownouts, is there a stand-by generator to supply power to the building?
    • - Yes, there is a 24 hours standby generator.
  14. What is the security system of the development?
    • - There's 24 hours security and the entire residential enclave is fenced with surveillance cameras placed along the perimeter. A gated and fully guarded entrance separates the residential area from the commercial area.
Parking/ Storage/ Laundry Cage
  1. Is there a car parking slot available?
    • - Yes, there are common parking areas in the ground floor (10 car parking slots for guests) and the parking areas to be owned by the unit owners are on the 2nd to 4th floors.
  2. How many car parking slots (for sale) are available for the unit owners?
    • - 74 car parking slots.
  3. Can we choose the location of the car parking slot we want?
    • - Yes, on a first come first serve basis. However, certain parking slots are allocated to the 2 bedroom units and loft unit buyers. They may still however choose their preferred parking on a first come first serve basis.
  4. Is there a motor parking slot available?
    • - Yes
  5. How many motor parking slots are available for the unit owners?
    • - 10 motorcycle parking slots
  6. Can we choose the location of the motor parking slot we want?
    • - Yes, on a first come first serve basis.
  7. What is a laundry cage?
    • - A laundry cage is a 1.18 square meter spaced used for hanging/ drying washed clothes/ items.
  8. Are there laundry cages available?
    • - Yes, located on the roof deck.
  9. How much is the laundry cage?
    • - It is not for sale, but it comes for free with the unit – 1 laundry cage per unit. Cages are pre-assigned already.
  10. Are there storage rooms available?
    • - Yes.
  11. How many storage rooms are available?
    • - 17 storage rooms
  12. Can we choose the location of the storage room we want?
    • - Yes, on a first come first serve basis.
  13. How big is a storage room?
    • - 4-9 sq m in the parking area floors and 3-3.9 sq m in the roof deck.

Residential Features

  1. Are the units fully furnished?
    • - No, units are not fully furnished. We only deliver finished units..
  2. What is a finished unit?
    • - It is a unit that can readily be occupied / ready for occupancy (RFO) and it has the following treatments: painted walls, tiled flooring, bathroom with fixtures and kitchen with cabinetries.
  3. What are the ceiling details?
    • - Slab soffit is painted in white latex paint finish
    • - Drop ceiling is Ficemboard in white latex paint finish
  4. What are the flooring details?
    • - Ceramic tiles at the living, dining, kitchen areas and bedrooms.
  5. What are the painting details?
    • - Semi gloss paint finish
  6. What bathroom fixtures are used?
    • - Complete standard bathroom fixtures - water closet, lavatory and shower fixtures.
  7. Is there an exhaust system for all bathrooms?
    • - Yes
  8. What are the kitchen details?
    • - Complete kitchen - under cabinets, sink and faucet.
  9. What kind of window is used?
    • - Annealed glass with safety film in aluminum frame powder coated finish. Sliding windows.
  10. What kind of door is used?
    • Main door - HDF wood laminated molded door.
    • Bedroom door - single leaf MDF panel door and wood frames. Ordinary plywood in white ducco finish.
    • Bathroom door - single leaf MDF panel door with MARINE plywood interior face.
  11. What kind of locksets and hinges are used?
    • - Standard imported locksets and hinges
  12. What kind of electrical system is used?
    • - Conventional, 230V, Single Phase, 60Hertz
  13. What other features are being included?
    • - A space provision with electrical outlet for a washing machine
    • - A space provision with electrical outlet and drain pipes for airconditioning units
    • - Electrical outlet for water heater
  14. Is the unit telephone and cable tv ready?
    • - Yes
  15. Is there an individual metering for water and electricity?
    • - Yes
  16. Are all units combineable?
    • - Yes, a specific deadline (before construction starts) will be set regarding the cut off of accepting what units are to be combined as per vecino’s request. The wall in between the units will be demolished converting it into one unit.
    • - For requests beyond the deadline, a door can be placed in between the both units as access to make it as a combined unit
Commercial Features
  1. Where is the commercial block located?
    • - The Persimmon commercial block is just around 15 meters away from the residential tower.
  2. How big is the commercial area?
    • - Lot area is approximately 5,188 sqm. Total Leasable area is 2,505.50 sqm
  3. How many commercial buildings will be there?
    • It will house 4 themed commercial buildings (2 floors/ building):
    • Building 1 : dining (hip/casual dining)
    • Building 2 : dining (restaurant dining)
    • - entertainment
    • Building 3 :
    • - level 1 - grocery/ convenience stores
    • - level 2 - service outlets (laundry, cellphone repair, internet, bank, salon…)
    • Building 4 :
    • - level 1 - sales office
    • - level 2 - Property Management (PMT) office
    • - level 3 - service outlets
  4. How many outlets can be accommodated?
    • - Approximately 19 outlets
  5. What are the cuts of the commercial spaces?
    • - Commercial spaces range from 50 to 200 sqm.
  6. What are the Hand-over conditions?
    • - The area will be turned over bare but with provisions for utilities.
  7. When is the turnover of spaces to commercial locators?
    • - Retail spaces will be turned over by September 2009.
  8. When is the commercial block operational?
    • - 4th Quarter 2009.
  9. What are the features of the commercial area?
    • - 100% power back-up
    • - Underground utilities
    • - Ample, convenient parking
    • - Generous landscaping
    • - With rialto (grand staircase)
    • - Grand entrance
    • - Retail with Al-fresco area
    • - With ATM area
  10. How many parking slots are available for commercial?
    • - There are 69 parking slots.
  11. Where is the parking located?
    • - Located just beside one of the commercial buildings.
Property Management
  1. Can we repaint/ remodel the unit in the future?
    • - Yes, with prior approval from the Corporation.
  2. Is there a warranty?
    • - Yes
  3. What is the garbage disposal system inside the tower?
    • - There is a garbage room located in every floor and a person in-charge assigned by the Condo Corp. takes charge of the regular collection of garbage from the said room.
  4. Can we bring in pets inside the tower?
    • - No
  5. When will we start paying?
    • - One month after turnover of units.
  6. What will I do if I plan to sell my unit?
    • - The owner must inform the Condo Corp. of the intention to sell and the latter will issue a clearance. The owner should sell his unit together with his parking/ and or storage unit (in case the owner has one).
  7. What will I do if I plan to sell my parking/ and or storage unit only?
    • - The owner should sell it only to residential unit owners.
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