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Sell your property     

Do you have plans to sell your property? whether house and lot, lot only, condominiums, commercial property? We can help you sell your property quickly at the price you want.  We shall be happy to advertise your properties in our website for free and we will bring in the buyers for you and close the sale.  Our website is a very well optimized website and can readily be found mostly in the first page of Google and Yahoo using the most popular keywords such as Cebu Real Estate and House and lot for sale in Cebu.  They will be seen 24/7 by the huge market, the entire world. 

We only a request a minimal standard professional fee whenever we can present a buyer and close the sale. Initially, we would like to request the following information to be supplied to us so we can advertise your property in our website right away:

1) Your name and contact number

2) Type of property  (house and lot, lot only, condo, commercial, etc.)

3) Specific Location (in Cebu)

4) Lot Area

5) Floor Area (if applicable)

6) Number of bedrooms (if applicable)

7) Price

8) Terms of payment

9) Titled?  Ist it clean title?

10) is it furnished

11) How old is the house (if applicable)

and other pertinent information