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The following are just a few testimonails of our clients who were served personally by Broker Manuel Jr Arengo.


For example:Mr. and Mrs. Cowie from Australia purchased a house and lot package from Camella Homes through the assistance of Real Estate Broker Manuel Jr Arengo. The purchase process was purely online communications starting from reservation, followed by monthly installments of equity, until the house is completed and upon move in, the remaining balance was then fully paid. There was no need for the buyer to come over and sign the contract to sell. Real Estate Broker Manuel Jr Arengo did all the leg work in ensuring that all documents are done for the buyer's protection. Preliminary contracts and negotiations were done through email and when the final and original contracts had to be signed, the documents were sent via post mail and that the payments were sent bank to bank direct to the developer's account.  When Mr. and Mrs. Cowie decided to sell the house at a higher price, It was Real Esate Broker Manuel Jr Arengo who was able to find a new buyer. 

This can be confirmed by Mr. and Mrs. Cowie when you communicate to them through email. They were asked permission and the gave approval to be one of the references of Real Estate Broker Manuel Jr Arengo for any buyer who wants to communicate with them. Broker Manuel Jr Arengo will be willing to provide the email address of Mr. Cowie when a buyer would request for it.

2.. A MATTER OF TRUST  "Sometime November 2010, I was supposed to claim my refund from Camella Homes worth One Million Pesos  from my  payments of 3 subdivision lots as I changed my mind and buy a condo instead. Since my schedule of work in Dubai was always tight, I could not come personally to Cebu to claim it. I decided to seek the help of my broker Manuel Arengo Jr. and so I gave him the authority to claim the said amount from the developer. It was released in two different periods with P500,000.00 each release. Broker Manuel Arengo Jr. deposited the said amount all intact and accounted for in my bank account.  What a great help I got from my broker"  by  Ms.Beth from Dubai

3. ONLINE COMPETENCE AS REAL ESTATE BROKER: "We decided to buy a high end condo in Cebu in March 2014 but we were in Australia at that time and we planned to move in by September 2014. We searched in the internet to see some options. But  there were numerous condo projects being advertised and it's so hard to determine what's best for us. We then communicated with Broker Manuel Jr Arengo. and we are so glad that he disclosed everything that we became very confident that we made a very good decision what to buy. After series of emails with Mr. Arengo,  I and my husband decided to reserve a unit at Avalon condo through bank to bank with the assistance and guidance of our broker Manuel Jr Arengo  He guided us every step of the way and his help was valuable to us especially for the fact that  I am 69 years old  Filipina and my husband, an Australian is 90. All transactions were done online, and that we came to Cebu in September 2014 to move in to our unit."  by: Ms. Marcela from Australia

4. "WE ARE VERY HAPPY WITH HIS SERVICES" We searched in the internet at site and were were in love with Hermoso model unit at Alegria Palms. We then decided to communicate with Broker Manuel Jr Arengo  and he served us online for us to know all the information we needed to make a decision. He finally reserved for us one last remaining unit of Hermoso model at Alegria Palms and we are very happy with his good and honest service. by: Rene and Virginia from Germany.

5. Letter of buyer to her niece who also bought a condo from Cebubesthomes

Dear Reza,

I don’t like condos that has commercial spaces sa ubos kay mababoy ang bldg. and besides kuyaw sa fire labi na kong may mag luto sa mga food outlets.  Manny has always been a good realtor and will not hide anything and he can be trusted.  I have known him since 2008 ug wala jud ko problema.  Mao I suggest you get the unit from him kay he will really take care of all your concerns from A-Z.  He owns Cebubesthomes (, his wife and all his children are running the company.    Kaya dili jud na siya mudagan, dili parehas anang uban nga sweldado lang or are just earning commissions from the builders.   Kong magka problema ka unya wala na ang imong ahente, you will be lost and you will have to find and build relations again sa other ahente or sa builders itself which will be a big headache kay busy gud na sila. We became family friends na gani kay we never stop communicating kung may mga concerns ko or kung may ipamalihog ko nga mga personal na. 

I will also get a unit mao silingan na ta.  Let me know kong interesado na jud ka so I can tell him to take care of you.  My advice is kong interesado na jud ka is to start the process ASAP, kay sa akong experience the price will always go up mga 5% after 3 months of launch. 

Visit Manny’s website to get the feel of his business acumen.

Tita Beth