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MISSION: To provide property buyers and sellers with comprehensive knowledge and direction to empower them to make the righ investment decision that will greatly impact their lives.. To equip our business partners with adequate knowledge, training  and effective skills that will help them attain an entrepreneur mindset for financial independence.

VISION: To be regarded top preference by buyers, sellers and business partners  as their revolutionary source of help to fufill their dreams.

GUIDING PRINCIPLE: Excellence and commitment to Real Estate Industry's standards and code of ethics are guiding principles embodied in our Company culture.


Our 10 Guarantees when you choose us to serve you

   1. We provide our clients total disclosure of the property they want to buy.  We believe that our clients should know all important information good or bad, negative or positive about the real estate property he or she is considering. We are always happy to earn the trust of our clients.

   2.  We never list properties that are outright disadvantageous to the buyer. There could be hidden defects on any property. A property may look perfect with all its features, terms, price. We check them first and if the property is outright disadvantageous, we do not list them here.






    3.  We do not pressure our prospect buyers to buy the property they are considering to buy. For example, we have extended our time and efforts in assisting our buyers to consider a number of possible choices. In the outset, even if he decides not to buy anything for whatever reason, we respect the decision. The prospect buyer does not owe us anything. Our services of assisting our prospect buyers to find the best property they want to buy are absolutely free and no obligation whatsover. 

    4.  We do not over contact our buyers after receiving inquiry from them and even after showing them the property.  We ask permission if we are allowed to call or follow up with regards to the buyer's decision but we do not over contact our prospect buyers for we understand  that there are those who are undecided yet but just cannot say no. Some just do not reply anymore. We do not disturb them with frequent calls.

    5.  We are a group of brokers and agents who are duly licensed and bonded with the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). We strictly adhere to the National Code of Ethics in Real Estate Service Practice. We ensure that our clients will be served by competent brokers and agents and to set our group apart from the rampant unlicensed agents who just do everything to make a sale.

Click this link to verify if your agent or broker is duly listed in Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)


Fill up the provided form:

For example:

Profession: Real Estate Broker

First Name: Manuel Jr     Surname: Arengo

Or search using license number

For example:

Profession: Real Estate Broker

License No. 0007808

Birht date: 11/11/1956

    6. We facilitate your bank to bank reservation deposit direct to the developer's account. We also facilitate your Pag-ibig requirements as well as bank requirements for you to be able to secure loan approval. All of these are free of charge and no obligations on your part

   7. We are organized to be able to serve you best. When a single agent or broker cannot find the property that you like, he or she can always seek the help of our group to be able to quickly find one that's best for you. This is more efficient and time saving than contacting agents who just put up their own website and single handedly serve their clients without group support.

   8. We don't over price properties to earn more commission. We believe that the over pricing approach will only make the property more difficult to sell. 

   9. Prices of properties will not increase with our presence and will not decrease with our absenceEven if the buyer contacts the developer directly without an agent or broker, the developer will still assign a non-salaried agent who will assist the buyer in all aspects of the purchase and receive compensation on commission basis. Thus, the "no agent" scenario will not be a cause for a reduction of the price. We are accredited by  ALL  real estate developers in Cebu as their marketing arm and we get protection from them that prices will never be affected due to our services.

   10. We use our "clout" or influence on developers / sellers to extend more favors for the buyer. We negotiate with the sellers and buyers for mutual benefit. And on top of that, since we have been working with real estate developers for several years, we have a certain degree of inluence or "clout" to help close a deal by extending more favors to the buyer.







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