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Profile of Real Estate Broker Manuel Jr Arengo    Mobile No. 09222556555      Email: [email protected]

  • 15 years experience as Real Estate Broker based in Cebu
  •  Real Estate Broker License No. 0007808
  • Multi Awarded Real Estate Broker by various real estate developers for achieving consistent sales volume in real estate and have experienced numerous real estate transactions with both locals and foreigners alike.
  • 35 years experience in the Sales Profession and Customer Service
  • Former Sales Representative of Johnson & Johnson Phils., Inc. for 8 years. a multi-national compancy
  • Former District Manager of Johnson & Johnson Phils., Inc. for 5 years. a multi-national company
  • Master of Management, Major in Business Management, University of San Jose Recoletos
  • Bachelor of Science In Mechanical Engineering Graduate & Passed the board
  • A Family man, having a wife with 3 children, and a native in Cebu Philippines.


Speaker /Lecturer Manuel Jr. Arengo, REB distributes certificates to all participants of a special seminar

held last July 10 to 14, 2017 at Diez Bldg., room 201 REBAP Office, Ranudo St., Cebu City





Cebubesthomes Realty is a realty based in Cebu City Philippines that is spearheaded by  Manuel Jr Arengo , a licensed and multiawarded broker with 15 years experience in the real estate industry. The Realty was named after the website: which was created in 2004 to provide customers easy access to different house and lot projects in Cebu without having to waste time, energy and money for house shopping. Cebubesthomes Realty lives by the word of serving you (the customers) best. We make sure that we will be able to assist you in choosing the best home that you desire most.

This site provides information on  Philippine Real Estate in General and Cebu Real Estate in particular providing real estate education about different projects in Cebu to help buyers and investors make the right and best decision. We strive to keep this updated so you will be provided with recent information about the real estate industry, as well as information on homes for sale in Cebu either from developers or for sale by owners.

We also welcome property owners to sell their properties through the website and the real estate agents under Cebubesthomes Realty will advertise these properties worldwide and make an effort to sell them successfully. 

And last but not the least, we welcome qualified people who want to become real estate agents to join us. We prefer those who have the entrepreneurial mindset and want to become financially independent. We help them grow with the company by providing online tools such as websites and free training and guidance by experienced mentors.