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2-Storey, Townhouse
Provision for 2 or 3 bedrooms
1 Toilet & Bath,
Living, Dining, Kitchen areas
Service Area

TCP:  P 1,150,000.00
Promo Disc. : ( P 5,000.00)
Reservation Fee      :  P 5,000.00
Flr Area :  66 sqm.
Lot Area :  42 sqm.

Pag-ibig sample computation:

Total Contact Price       P 1,150,000.00
Equity or down payment     P 206,000.00
Less: Reservation Fee            5,000.00
Less: Promo Discount             5,000.00
Net Equity/Downpayment P196.000.00 - Payable in 24 mos  P 8,166.66 per month
Balance for financing through Pag-ibig P944,000.00
Estimated 30 years to pay  at P 7,319.92 per month

Tcp: P1,300,000.00
Reservation Fee: 5,000.00
Lot Area: 40 Square Meters
Floor Area: 50 Square Meters
1 CR (with Complete Tiles)

Pag-ibig Financing:
TCP: P1,300,000.00
Downpayment:                    157,000.00
Less reservation fee:            5,000.00
Payable in 18 months no interest at 7,138.89 per month

Balance: Pp 1,143,000.00 for Pag-ibig financing
Pag-ibig amortization for 30 years at Pp 11,027.06 per month
Required family gross income: P31,505.41 per month

Bank Financing:
TCP: P 1,300,000.00
20% Downpayment:             260,000.00
Less reservation fee:             5,000.00
Payable in 18 months no interest at P14,166.67 per month

Balance Payable: P1,125,000.00  for financing with BDO
Monthly amortization for 10 years:p P13,315.40 / month
Required family net income: P39,946.20 / month


Transfer  Requirements for both bare and finished units:
1. Approved Loan
2. 50% of Total equity paid already

Move in fees: 
Electricity  Installation P 6,700.00
Homeowner's fees      P 1,350.00
Total                              P  8,050.00
Note: Water and Electricity Connection not included in Move-in Fees