Grand Terrace Affordable Homes at Casili Consolacion


Looking for a house and lot package that's truly value for your money? Grand Terrace in Casili Consolacion is an answer to your dream to own a home that you want in a location that's close to the cities of Mandaue and Consolacion at the same time. It's in the boundary of these to desirable locations.  It's in fact a very strategic location because the place will soon become very progressive as it is now surrounded by several residential subdivisions. The place is both accessible to Talamban route as well as Mandaue City Cabancalan area, and also at the Consolacion highway. The strategic center location of Grand Terrace makes its real estate value rise dramatically in just a few years from now. Perfect for your invesment.

In Grand Terrace,  you can find homes that are completely finished (not bare) at prices that are far less than the prices of many subdivisions in Mactan/Lapu-lapu city area. For example, one model unit of other subdivisions costing 1.8 Million, you can find it here for 1.3 million.

It offers 3 different kinds of models as shown below.

    Come to Grand Terrace, Your best move to combat the high cost of living.


  • Multipurpose hall
  • Swimming pool for kids and adults
  • Parks and Playground
  • Convertible court - Basketball/Badminton/Volleyball

Available financing: Pag-ibig


Sunset Model

Listing #:   2002

Price:   600,000.00  

Lot Area:   32  

Date Added:   09/01/2012

Page Views:   7000



Lot area: 32 sqm

Floor area: 28 sqm

2 bedrooms 1 toilet & bath

Reservation: P15,000

Equity: P185,000 payable in 6 months so that it will be ready for occupancy by the 6th month

            P30,833 per month

Balance of P400,000 through bridge financing (IN-HOUSE) with maximum term of 15 years at 14% interest per annum. Monthly amortization for the meantime in-house financing for 15 years is PP5,598 per month

After paying the equity above for 6 months  and sign a contract for 15 years in-house financing, you can move in to your unit and if the title will be ready, you can switch to Pag-ibig or bank financing for a much a lower interest per annum and for a longer term for a much lesser monthly amortization.

The estimated monthly amortizations with Pag-ibig or bank for a P400,000 loan are as follows:

30 years to pay at P2,762.70 per month with at leat income of P7,894.00 per month
25 years to pay at P2,293.52 per month with at least income of P8,353.00 per month
20 years to pay at P3,191.87 per month with at least income of P9,120.00 per month
15 years to pay at P3,679.69 per month with at least income of P10,514.00 per month
10 years to pay at P4,722.02 per month with at least income of P13,492.00 per month

Other fees:
Processing fee: P3,000
Documentation: P20,000
Transfer Tax: P27,000
Water installation: P5,000
Fire Extinguisher: P2,072

For in-house financing, 5 years to pay up to 10 years to pay at 12% interest per annum. For 15 years term,. the interest is 14% per annum.

Floor Plans (Click the thumbnail to enlarge)

Sunset floor plan
Gallery Photos (Click to enlarge)

Sunset - living area pic 2
Sunset - dining
Sunset - living & dining

Primiera model

Listing #:   2004

Price:   1,320,000.00  

Floor Area:   66  

Lot Area:   40  

Date Added:   09/01/2012

Page Views:   2973


Primiera model - only 2 units left as of June 6, 2015

2-storey townhouse, 3 bedroom, 2 toilet & baths


 2-Storey, Townhouse
 3 Bedrooms
 2 Toilet and Bath
 Living, Dining, Kitchen
 Floor Area: 66 sq. m.
 Lot Area    : 40 sq. m.
 Total Contract Price: P 1,320,000.00
 Reservation Fee:  P 15,000.00


Total Contract Price      P 1,320,000.00
Less: Reservation Fee          15,000.00
Net of Reservation        P 1,305,000.00
Loanable Amount                905,000.00
    P    400,000.00 - Payable 6 months at P 66,666/mo
Loanable Amount: P 905,000.00

in house bridge financing: 15 years at 14% interest per annum.

Amortization:  P12,052 per month

Later on, if title will be ready, it can be switched to bank or Pag-ibig financing with an estimated amortization as follows:

        5 Years to pay at P 20,131.23/mo.
10 Years to pay at P 12,984.12/mo.
      15 Years to pay at P 12,052.26/mo.

Transfer Tax - 4.5% of Contract Price
Documentation :  P 20,000.00
Processing Fee:       3,000.00
Water Installtion:      5,000.00
Fire Extinguisher      2,072.00
MRI/Fire Insurance


Floor Plans (Click the thumbnail to enlarge)

Primiera - floor plan
Gallery Photos (Click to enlarge)

Primiera model - living area
Primiera model -kitchen dining
Primiera model - master's bedroom
Primiera model - room 2
Primiera model - room 3
Primiera model - Balcony
Primiera - stairs
Primiera model - bathroom

Subdivision map of Grand Terrace


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