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CTS Gold


It  is a Gold Opportunity created  by 8990 Housing Development Corporation to make owning a DECA Homes very affordable  in the most easiest way and earliest possible time to Move-In.

  -  It's is a newly innovated program and the only payment scheme  that 8990 Housing Development Corporation can offer to our prospective buyers

CTS Gold Straight  ( 25 yrs blue CTS)

Buyers who are not more than 60 years old, gainfully employed or Self employed , and whose Net Disposable Income (NDI) is 100% of or greater than the monthly  amortization of the unit they intend to acquire.


Within the 1st 4 years of  the Deferred Payment Plan, the buyer shall be allowed to make full or partial payments at no prepayment premium. After the 4th year, all prepayments shall be subject to a prepayment  premium equivalent  to 5% of the amount prepaid.


The buyer may move in after paying the minimum from P10,000 to P30,000 depending on the date of move-in. If the unit is available within a month for turn over, only P10,000 equity is required. Move-in is allowed provided that all the required documents enumerated above are all submitted and the loan application of the buyer is approved.