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2BR apartment for rent in Mandaue

1BR condo for rent in Mandaue 15K 

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IT Park Lahug 1BR condo

Metropolis 4BR house for rent 35K 

Dona Rita Cebu City house rent 7BR

Want to earn extra income?


You can be a millionaire in 6 years

Do you have an income of at least 12,000 pesos per month?

You can be a millionaire in years. 


It is estimated that the value of a good real estate property increases by 10% every year.  So, by computation, the value of a property worth P980,000.00 now, becomes P1,736,129.78  six years from now. And assuming you were approved of 70% loan from the value of your property, you started a loan of P686,000.00 and 6 years from now,  your obligation with the bank will only be P609,718.06   Therefore, the value of your property on the 6th year which will be P1,736,129.78 less your obligation of P609,718.06.00 is the value of your ownership of such property which is a whopping  P1,126,411.70, so you’re a millionaire in 6 years by just paying P4,857.22 per month from monthly income. This does not even include your SAVINGS of occupying your own property, for if without this, you could have rented somewhere else. Assuming you are buying a house and lot at the price of P980,000.00 with a required down payment of 30% (mostly payable by installment in 12 to 18 months), the following table illustrates the number of MONTHS you are paying your loan, your  MONTHLY amortization, the INTEREST AMOUNT applied from your monthly,  the PRINCIPAL applied from your monthly,  7% interest rate from Pag-ibig, and the loan balance at the right end portion after every monthly payment. 70% of 980,000.00  is P686,000.00 which is your loan.

  We often hear the axiom  “ You will never become rich being an employee” People who stress this idea are usually in the mindset that encourage you to go into business of whatever kind. But if you do nothing more than just being an employee, the axiom comes into effect so there has to be done while being employed. One sure way is to invest in real estate property and to keep it simple, your own house and lot. Perhaps you would ask how do you go about your payments if you only receive a minimum wage per month? One piece of advice from Realtors is to set aside a small amount from your monthly income to pay your monthly amortization of real estate property. For example if you can set aside P4,857.22 per month from your monthly income,  you will become millionaire in 6 years. Why is this so? Take a look at the computation table below.


 Now, for the sake of comparison, assuming you would just save P4,857.22 per month in the bank for 6 years. You would be able to save P58,286.64  per year. The computation table below  is the estimated income after 6 years assuming time deposit with 4% interest per annum.
Your total savings including interest out of your P58,286.64 per year savings will only  be P363,708.63 and by the 6th year, the property priced at P980,000.00 now is expected to be valued  at P1,736,129.78 assuming an average of 10% increase of value per year. It clearly shows that your time deposit or savings will definitely lag behind and can never catch up the uncontrollable increase of Philippine properties. But if you purchase now even on installment, whatever increase of the property from the total price, the amount of increase will all be yours as outright profit. To illustrate further, even if you paid only the P4,857.22 first monthly installment for your property,  if your property worth P980,000.00 increases by 10%, the increase in the amount of P98,000.00 goes to you as outright profit with just a first monthly  investment of P4,857.22  By analogy, if you purchase now even through loan either bank, pag-ibig or in-house financing, you will be able to catch the plane of Investment  and enjoy the speed of increase in property values.
   As to the question whether there is a probability that it will be like what happened in America where homeowners suffered huge losses due to the sharp drop of home prices, this possibility is very remote simply because the elements that caused the drop in home values  are not existing here in the Philippines. For example, one important element is the equity of homeowners. Banks here in the Philippines have for decades maintained at least 30% starting equity for all real estate mortgages and have strictly implemented such a requirement even until now. Homebuyers therefore would do everything they can to protect their equity by paying their obligations religiously and even if some would become delinquent in their payments, there will always be somebody who would assume the loan or buy foreclosed properties because equity and loan ratio have always been maintained at the right balance.
 There is one concern though among buyers that should be addressed here. It’s the fear that if they cannot maintain the monthly payments due to some unfortunate events in their lives such as being terminated from work, or any similar reason that renders incapability to pay their monthly dues. There are three two possibilities to remedy this possible problem:
1)      Buyers can apply for restructure of loan so that they can have lesser monthly amortizations by probably increasing the terms of payment
2)      Buyers can have their property assumed by another buyer who can payback their equity and therefore won’t lose all the money they have invested. Buyers can contact  their realtors or agents who can help them dispose their property
3)      In cases wherein the property cannot be sold to another party for whatever reason, the sellers cannot forfeit all payments made in cases wherein the buyers who are not delinquent, have paid the account for 2 years and therefore shall be entitled to 50% return of all payments made. This called MACEDA LAW , an existing Philippine Law that protects the public from onerous acts of sellers. But you ask, what about the other 50% of the money that you have paid, down the drain?  It's not actually down the drain. Since you have paid the house for a small monthly amortization for straight 2 years, and assuming 6 months for the processing/construction while 18 months for occupying the house, you are actually getting back your money by treating it as rental for your occupancy. At least, there is going to be NO loss on your part in so far as your money is concerned.  
   As the saying goes, A journey to a thousand miles begins with a single step, so what then is your first step? Before you even embark on finding the best possible home for you, start first with knowing what you can afford. It’s a waste of time to check on various houses when after all, the income cannot meet the required monthly obligations on houses that you have seen. House hunting is like hunting lions, if you see a lion and go home to get rifle and bullets, chances are when you get back you won’t see the lion anymore. In house hunting, you should be ready with what is the minimum required to engage on a deal, such as reservation fee and initial down payment on succeeding months.
   But you ask, how much is to be prepared and what price range would you be looking for?. As a rule of thumb, 40% of your net disposable income should be equal or more than your monthly amortization. For example if you have a gross monthly salary of P14,000 and after deductions such as SSS, taxes, insurances/health care, etc, the net income becomes P12,000 then this amount becomes your net disposable income. 40% of P12,000 is P4,800 Therefore, the type of house that you will be looking for is one that only requires monthly payment of P4,800.00 or less.  Likewise, if you like a property that is offered to be paid on a specific monthly installment for long term payment, just divide the monthly amortization by 0.4 and you will know how much proof of income that you will have to submit to any financial institution so your application for loan can be approved. 
   And of course, it is wise also to consider all other important factors such as the choice of location vs. the budget, the increased expenses on fares if you go for a lower budget but farther location, the reputation of the developer, the size of the house, the size of the lot, the deed of restrictions of the subdivision, the view that you can get, the materials used, the monthly dues, the amenities, etc. , all these can be discussed thoroughly with your real estate broker or agent. Because of these various factors that tend to be confusing on your part to make a final decision, there is a tendency to delay the decision. It is good to think it over seriously but remember, however, it’s not beneficial to delay further as it may be frustrating to realize that the house that you like has been taken by somebody else, or the price has already increased, etc. It is best to carefully but quickly weigh up all the factors involved and then without delay, make a decision to invest and the sooner you decide, the closer you get to becoming a millionaire or a multi-millionaire even if you remain an employee all the way towards retirement. 
   Welcome to the millionaire’s row, imagine that you are and it will happen. The time to act is NOW. Please contact your Realtor

Author:  Engr. Manuel Jr Arengo 
Engr. & Real Estate Broker
License No. 0007808